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Shanghai Houdry Catalyst Technology Co. Ltd is a China-based international supplier of various catalysts and technical services. With our extensive process knowledge and industry expertise, modern facilities for R&D, pilot plant test and production, we are capable of offering the most cost efficient solutions that enable our customers to improve yields and product quality.

Our business scope is developing, manufacturing and selling catalysts and adsorbents for petrochemical,oil refinery, chemical and environmental protection applications. 

We have a range of catalysts with specific focus on catalysts for Hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, syngas, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and adsorbents for purification etc. With our strong R&D capability, we are able to provide tailor – made catalysts to meet the customers’ specific needs.

Product Application

1.      Adsorbents for purification

2.      Catalysts for syngas

3.      Catalysts for methanol synthesis

4.      Catalysts for hydrogenation

5.      Catalysts for dehydrogenation

6.      Catalysts for MTBE

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