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Adsorbent For Arsenic Removal

Adsorbent For Arsenic Removal

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Adsorbent for Arsenic Removal HD-2200 

Adsorbent for Arsenic Removal is a high performance hydrogenation Arsenic removal catalyst with Alumina as the carrier, carrying nickel and other active components, with the addition of special additives. It has stable performance, strong adaptability, good mechanical strength, high varsenic removal accuracy and large arsenic capacity. In addition to hydrogenation arsenic removal, It also has good hydroconversion of organic sulfur.  Its service life is more than 3 times higher than that of copper sulfate-silica alumina ball. It is mainly used for hydrogenation and arsenic removal of straight-run and secondary processing gasoline, such as naphtha, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethylene cracking feedstock and other liquid hydrocarbon materials, with arsenic removal rate of over 99%.

Operating conditions:



Space velocity: h-1

2.0 – 6.0

Pressure, kg/cm2g ≥

Ambient to 4.0


Arsenic content< 10000ppb; reactive sulfur content< 5 ppm;
water content < 50 ppm


Arsenic content < 10ppb(UC20ppb); de-arsenic rate≥99%.

Packing : 200L steel drum on pallet or according to customer requirements.

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