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Sulfur Removal At Ambient Temperature

Sulfur Removal At Ambient Temperature

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Sulfur Removal at Ambient Temperature
Appearance: Off-white columnar particle

Uses: Suitable for the desulfurization of the gas phase (hydrogen, syngas, natural gas, petroleum gas, ammonia, CO2, etc.) and liquid (propylene, liquid hydrocarbons, reforming feed, jet)

Ambient Temperature Zinc oxide desulfurizer is a new type of efficient active zinc oxide-based desulfurizer with addition of appropriate amount of additives by extrusion molding. It is used for the removal of sulfide from syngas, natural gas, oilfield gas, shift gas, hydrogen and nitrogen, liquid hydrocarbons, liquefied petroleum gas and food grade CO2 at ambient temperature to protectnickel, copper, iron and precious metal catalysts for steam conversion, low volatility, methanation, methanol, alcools, ammonia, polypropylene and carbonyl synthesis and improve product quality.

The agent can not only reduce the content of H2S in feed gas (oil) below 0.05ppm, but also have strong conversion and absorption ability to simple organic sulfides such as COS and CS2. 

HD-2934 is featured by high sulfur absorption capacity, low temperature activity, high strength, good water resistance and wide adaptability.

Operating Conditions


atmospheric to 8.0 Mpa


10~120 ℃


1000~2000 h-1


1~5 h-1

L/D of the adsorbent bed

> 3

Hydrogen sulfide in feed stream

< 200 ppm

Hydrogen sulfide in treated stream

< 0.05 ppm

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