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Application Of ADsorbent

Apr 19, 2017

ADsorbent will absorb refrigerant vapor, so that the evaporator pressure drops, so there will be more liquid gasification, evaporation absorption of heat, to achieve adsorption refrigeration; adsorbent selection of impurities, can be purified by product; Activated carbon can be used for exhaust adsorption of sewage treatment field. The success of gas adsorption separation depends greatly on the performance of ADsorbent, so the selection of adsorbent is the first problem to determine adsorption operation. ADsorbent is an indispensable product in modern industry, its role is very large, not only can separate substances can also absorb the excess moisture in some products, low cost, simple process, reusable, the application range is far greater than the industrial needs. Now more and more developed industry, the adsorbent is widely cited in oil industry oil production, oil refining, water storage transport generated sewage, washing tanks, mechanical industry cold lubrication fluid, rolled molten steel, electroplating sewage and grain and oil processing, leather, paper, textiles, food processing and many other industries.

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