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Characteristics Of ADsorbent

Apr 19, 2017

The adsorbent generally has the following characteristics: large ratio surface, suitable pore structure and surface structure; Adsorption capacity is strong, and there is no chemical reaction with adsorption and medium; easy to make, easily regenerated; there are excellent adsorption and mechanical properties. ADsorbent can be classified by pore size, particle shape, chemical composition, surface polarity, such as coarse pore and fine pore adsorbent, powdery, granular, strip adsorbent, carbon and oxide adsorbent, polar and nonpolar adsorbent etc. Commonly used adsorbent has a variety of carbon as raw materials and metals, non-metallic oxide adsorbent (such as silica gel, alumina, molecular sieve, natural clay, etc.). The most representative adsorbent is activated charcoal, adsorption performance is fairly good, but the cost is higher, used in the Songhua River incident to adsorb the water in the toluene. Secondly, there are molecular sieves, silica gel, activated aluminum, polymer adsorbent and bio-adsorbent and so on.

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