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Classification Of ADsorbent

Apr 19, 2017

ADsorbent is generally used in industrial production, so according to the common use of industry can be divided into six major categories of adsorbents. Silica gel, it is mainly used for drying, gas mixture and oil components separation, and so on; Alumina, it is also a dehydration adsorbent; activated charcoal, mainly used in water treatment, decolorization and gas treatment; polyacrylamide, mainly used in domestic sewage and organic waste water; zeolite molecular sieves for gas adsorption separation, gas and liquid drying; carbon molecular sieve, mainly in the role of transport passage, micro-pore is the role of molecular sieve. The adsorbent is also divided into two types of organic and inorganic, organic compounds such as wheat germ powder, skim corn flour, corn cob debris, coarse bran, soybean fine powder and absorbent grains and so on. Inorganic compounds include silica, vermiculite, calcium silicate, etc.

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