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Commonly Used Adsorbent

Apr 19, 2017

Silica gel: is a hard, amorphous chain and reticular structure of the silicate polymer particles, molecular formula for SiO2.nH2O, for a hydrophilic polar adsorbent. It is used sulfuric acid to treat sodium silicate aqueous solution, the formation of gel, and its washed to remove sodium sulfate after drying, then get glass-like silica gel, it is mainly used for drying, gas mixture and oil components separation. The industrial silica gel is divided into two kinds of coarse holes and fine holes. The coarse pore silica gel in the relative humidity saturation conditions, adsorption capacity can reach the absorbent weight of more than 80%%, while in the low humidity conditions, the adsorption volume is much lower than the fine silica gel. Alumina: Activated alumina is made of aluminum hydrate heating dehydration, its nature depends on the initial state of the structure of hydrogen oxide, generally not pure Al2O3, but partially hydrated amorphous porous structural substances, not only have amorphous gel, and hydrogen oxide crystals. Because its capillary channel surface has high activity, it is also known as activated alumina. It has a strong affinity to water, is a kind of micro-water depth drying adsorbent. Under certain operating conditions, its drying depth can reach the dew point-70 ℃ below.

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