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The Physical Properties Of Adsorbents

Apr 19, 2017

A. Kong Rong (VP): The volume of the Microporous adsorbent is called Kong Rong, the volume of the ADsorbent microporous in the unit weight adsorbent is usually expressed (cm3/g). Kong Rong is an effective volume of the adsorbent, which is calculated by the saturation adsorption value, that is, the adsorbent can accommodate the volume of adsorption, so Kong Rong to greatly good. The pore volume of the adsorbent (VK) is not necessarily equal to the Kong Rong (VP), the microporous adsorbent has the adsorption effect, so the VP does not include the coarse holes. And the Vk includes the volume of all holes, generally larger than VP. B. Specific surface area: that is, the unit weight adsorbent has the surface area, commonly used units are m2/g. ADsorbent surface area per gram has hundreds of to thousand square meters. The surface area of the adsorbent is mainly microporous pore wall, the exterior surface of adsorbent is very small.

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