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Syngas/Shift Catalyst

  • Low Temperature Shift Catalyst

    Low Temperature Shift Catalyst

    Low Temperature Shift Catalyst HD-1290 is state-of-the-art products for water-gas shift with excellent copper dispersion which leads to unparalleled activity . Used in the applications that methanol by-product formation needs to be minimized. Read More

  • High Temperature Shift Catalyst

    High Temperature Shift Catalyst

    HD-2933 is a highly effective high temperature shift catalyst. It is used to promote the conversion of CO with steam to form H2 and CO2 in ammonia synthesis plants or hydrogen-producing devices. Read More

  • Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

    Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

    Methanol Synthesis Catalyst HD-2941 has smaller crystal form and optimum copper distribution. The methanol synthesis catalyst has excellent activity and higher selectivity at low temperature of 210-220℃,which lead to longer service life and less formation... Read More

  • We are one of the leading syngas/shift catalyst manufacturers and suppliers in China. All syngas/shift catalyst,catalyst for ammonia synthesis,catalyst for ammonia products we presented here are of top quality and high efficiency. Please be free to place orders.
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